La Biologica Le 5 Stagioni

Whole-wheat flour with a medium-high protein content. Its organoleptic properties make it a healthy product, with a dark texture and an intact, fragrant and rich flavour. It can be used alone or mixed with La Biologica Vivace Le 5 Stagioni to find the perfect harmony between the more rustic fragrances and traditional performance.

physical/chemical properties

  • Umidità/Moisture: max 15,5 %
  • Proteine/Proteins: min 14 % (s.s.)
  • Ceneri/Ashes: max 1,3-1,7 % (s.s.)

rheological properties

Farinografo Brabender/Brabender Farinograph:
Assorbimento min/Absorption min 60%
Stabilità min/Stability min 10’

avaible packaging



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