Gluten Free

A special mix for pizza made of raw materials naturally Gluten-and milk-free. Thanks to its blend, it is possible to produce extremely light and digestible gluten free pizzas. Its simple and intuitive recipe always guarantees excellent results.


  • Corn starch, potato starch, salt, psyllium seeds fiber, legume flour (pea) sugar, vegetable fibers (potato, peas, rice, flax), millet flour, thickeners E464, inulin, linseed flour, rice flour, sodium bicarbonate, guar seeds flour, Natural aromas, sodium pyrophosphate, dextrose.

instructions for use

  • Mix Gluten free/Gluten-free Mix: gr 1000 Acqua/Water: gr. 840 Olio e.v. di oliva/Extra Virgin Olive Oil: gr. 50 Lievito fresco compresso/yeast: gr. 15/30 TOTALE/TOTAL: gr 1920 Ca (8 pizze/pizzas)


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