Ciabatta Romana

It is a mix developed to facilitate the production of pizza dough “in pala alla romana”. This special mix is particularly suitable for processing direct and indirect doughs and guarantees extreme lightness and digestibility. With Ciabatta Romana, the dough develops a very alveolate crumb crunch and a crispy crust, light on the palate. Its particular composition (which includes Mother Yeast Naturkraft) makes it particularly suitable for doughs requiring long maturations at controlled temperature (refrigerator).

avaible packaging

  • 10 Kg


  • SOFT WHEAT flour type “00”, dried WHEAT mother yeast, powdered acerola juice (acerola, maltodextrine), food enzymes (amylase, emicellulase)

nutritional table (for 100gr)

  • Valore energetico/Calories: 339 Kcal - 1440 Kj Proteine/Proteins: 13 Carboidrati/Carbohydrates: 69 Grassi/Fat: 0,9


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